Egg Tempera

Egg tempera is one of the earliest painting mediums and is characterised by its pureness of colour and luminosity.

Painting with egg tempera is a demanding process. Not only does the artist have the daily ritual of making egg tempera paint from finely ground pigments, egg yolk and water but also has to prepare the support and ground on which to paint. The ground is usually a gesso prepared from hide glue and gypsum and finished to a very smooth surface.

Egg tempera is unlike any other medium. The medium is fast drying therefore blending is limited.
There is a linear quality, as opposed to a painterly quality, about egg tempera. This requires a degree of planning before putting brush to panel. The paint is slowly built up in many transparent or semi transparent layers.

Many of Rob’s works have anthropomorphic connotations…..the stones and artifacts take on human characteristics and interact with each other.